Xtreme Youth

We are not a youth group…We are a MOVEMENT

…Xtreme is a movement of young lives towards a higher purpose. Walk through the doors of Xtreme and you will be welcomed into an environment where you are loved just as you are. At Xtreme you will have the opportunity to learn more about God and grow closer to Him as you reach out and make a difference in your world.

The purpose of Xtreme is to see young lives changed through a relationship with Christ. Each Sunday and Wednesday Night service at Xtreme is packed with worship and ministry designed to bring students to a closer love of God! Xtreme is all about giving students more opportunities to grow in Christ while spending time with friends throughout the year. Events like Xtreme Camp, Worship Night, and Mission Trips are all awesome ways that students can step out of the mundane of life and be refreshed by the great things that God has in store for them! Xtreme is a ministry that offers exactly what students need to make an impact with their lives. We are not your average youth ministry, we are a movement determined to change lives for Jesus Christ.

Xtreme Youth is for young adults in 6th through 12th grades.


Sunday @ 6:00pm
Wednesday @ 7:00pm
Doors open 45 Minutes Before Service

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Pastor Tim Defendorf is the Youth Pastor at Xtreme! He has been in ministry for over 19 years and has a passion and heart for reaching students. His desire is to see youth accept Christ, become a disciple, and grow together as a movement making disciples of others. Pastor Tim has an amazing support in his wife, Rachel, who is also an active part of Xtreme; they have four kids, Blake, Kaleb, Linkin, and Kinley. Pastor Tim believes that the method of drawing in youth is not sacred, but the message that reaches them is. Pastor Tim feels that through worship, relevant teaching, and serving others, students will be challenged and their hearts will be changed for Christ.